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Rural America

Living Rural during a Pandemic definitely has it’s benefits. I never in a million years thought 5 years after buying a log cabin in rural America I would be quarantined with a 6 month old, 2 ½ year old, a lumberjack of a husband, and a dog. I mean these days the Scorpions and the frogs are my friends. Teaching myself how to garden and can tomatoes and green beans are the highlight of my days… Oh wait, I’m suppose to say my children are the highlight of my day. Right? Well OF COURSE THEY ARE!! DUH! And my 2 year old son who has recently become potty trained is CERTAINLY the highlight of my day… (wink wink) who is beyond the cutest most loving toddler I’ve ever met. And before I tell this story of him, please note, that I’ve realized you’re not really a mom until you’ve touched, cleaned, and/or smeared your child’s poop on yourself more than once a day. I’m just sayin….

Since we’ve been quarantined, I was able to successfully potty train my son, who is only 2 ½ mind you. They tell me that is pretty young for a child to know how to potty in the toilet, but what a better time to teach your child to do this sort of thing when you’re forced to be together for 2 ½ months and more ??? And although we’ve had a few accidents since April, he’s been so good about pottying in the potty chair and making sure to tell us when he has to go. Living in the country, as one would do, we’ve taught him that he can go pee outside too! But being on the cautious side to make sure he can only go with daddy… (in case he thinks it’s okay to do at someone’s house or God forbid Daycare). The other day I was in the kitchen making dinner and he was like, “Mommy I have to go pee!!” And I said, “Okay!! Go out on the front porch and leave the door open so I can see you!!!” He does so… and as I glance up from the counter I see that my son is making eye contact with me and is hunched over like he’s about to do the thing you never ever want to see…. He’s taking a number 2 on my front porch. I start to run quickly and say, “NOOOOOOOOOOO” but at that point it was too late. He was clearly so proud of himself for not going in his pants. And alas, he had more, so I ran him upstairs to finish in the potty, all the while, trying to explain to him that it’s important to understand that he can only pee outside at our house. Going number 2 is for the toilet only. And then I’m in my head thinking… I cannot be upset with him for doing this thing because he was so proud of himself for not going in his pants. So then, as a parent, how do you draw the line?? Because then at some point, when he’s in a desperate situation (I mean we’ve all been there) how to say it’s okay to go outside ONLY when you’re camping!! Or ONLY if we’re on a country road and there is no other option!! Or ONLY when the toilet in the house is broken… ?? Needless to say, I had to clean that poop up off the front porch with a smile.

How do you pair a recipe with an introduction to a blog like this??? I mean, seriously… but after careful consideration, I have found the perfect summer time recipe that will give it’s meaning without me really saying anything… And it’s got corn in it!!!! Because who doesn’t like corn in the summer?!! #corninquarantine

Fresh Green Bean, Corn, and Tomato Salad

By Me

4 Cups of Fresh Green Beans

1 Whole Tomato

2 Ears of Corn (Or use canned corn)

1 Cup of Feta Cheese

2 Tbsp of Oil

2 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

Salt and Pepper

Put your green beans in a sauce pan with an inch of water at the bottom. Cook for 8 minutes and then place in an ice bath. Drain. Using Aluminum foil place your cooked corn on the grill drizzled with oil and salt and pepper – Grill for 5 minutes or until corn is slightly browned. Stir in with Green Beans and Sliced Tomatoes. Drizzle with Red Wine Vinegar and Oil and let it set in the fridge for an hour before serving. Sprinkle with Feta Cheese and Serve!

I don’t mind saying that this salad might be the best thing I’ve made in a long time. And lately I’ve been making a lot of things…. But if you’re in the mood for a super summery recipe that’s easy and delicious, this is the way to go. Goes well with Grilled Chicken, BLT sandwiches or Hamburgers on the Grill. I have decided my summer album will be the new HAIM album Don’t Wanna. Gosh I miss live music… don’t you? Sigh… I picked this album because its all I listen to in the car the lately… And besides the word “NO”, “Don’t Wanna” is about as close to my son’s favorite word you can get. Summer Girl by HAIM is fun and spunky… just like my son. Enjoy!!!

I’m grateful for all the things rural life can teach you. And can teach my son. Of all the times we get to ride the tractor, play in the mud, pick veggies, play in the pool, throw rocks, toss the rollie pollie’s, walk on the country roads, and even go potty out in nature because it just feels right. He certainly won’t be like this forever and we certainly won’t be in a pandemic forever either… so I take heart in these crazy times and value all that God has given me. So many memories… poop on my hands and all.

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