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The snappy guys

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

I’d like to skip the story telling of this week’s blog and get right down to the recipe. It’s only once (maybe twice) a year that I actually make this dish because of how expensive these babies can get at the grocery store. Not only that, its quite labor intensive while eating… AND requires A LOT of napkins!!! And butter. Crab legs are first and fore most my favorite food in this world. A special treat once a year on my husband and I’s Anniversary in June, where we make a Surf and Turf with Crab Legs and Rib Eye with a little Asparagus on the side. SO good! And on my recent trip to the grocery store, Whole Foods was selling Dungeness Crab for $6. Like that, my life changed. So I decided to buy two whole Dungeness Crabs and cook them for dinner one night. To not only educate my children about these beauties, but also give myself some variety in the kitchen. And BAM! Just like that the following week, Cost Co was selling them… 3 for $24. WHAAAT! So I bought them AGAIN! What is happening with my life?! And decided to tackle and blog/vlog about these incredible ocean lovers… I'm going to share a simple basic lemon butter sauce to go with them. I will also share some really awesome videos of how to clean your crab, de-shell, and steam them! So much fun!!!

This is one of the first videos I watched on how to learn to clean, deshell, and steam your Dungeness Crabs. I absolutely loved her because she was straight forward, extremely informative, and quite efficient. Becky Selengut is a chef from the Seattle area and she is awesome!!!

I went to revisit Becky’s Crab instruction video and found that she made a new one with a more “Humanely kill, cook, and crack crab (New and Improved Video) So if you’re interested in diving in a bit deeper and learning a little bit more watch this!!

The steaming part is easy… it’s the taking the shell a part that’s a bit rough. Pulling the innards out and making sure you keep all the good meat! However, after a little practice, it is EASY. Here’s a little tasty butter sauce that I use after its all over. This has just been a recipe that we (My husband and I) after a few reruns of our Anniversary dinner. A few trials and errors of other people’s recipes. And honestly, the more butter the better. 😊

Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

By: Me and My Hubby.

6 tablespoons unsalted butter

2 large garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon chopped

fresh parsley

Kosher salt

1 Lemon

This week’s music pairing comes from Australia and I have never been so psyched to share them with you! Wolfmother, a hard rock band that my husband often plays in his truck… I thought their song, Joker and the Thief, would be absolutely perfect to play in my kitchen while I cooked up some crab! And just listen to these lyrics!! All I can think about is that big tasty crab “sifting through the sand… he’s always laughing in the midst of power (his claws)” AHHHH!!! SO GOOD!

I said the joker is a wanted man He makes his way all across the land See him sifting through the sand So I'll tell you all the story About the joker and the thief in the night

He's always laughing in the midst of power Always living in the final hour There is always sweet and sour So we are not going home…

I’m not going to lie; this might have been one of my favorite blog / vlogs to create. I’m currently reading David Moscow’s new book, From Scratch, and I’m loving the authentic kitchen he’s constantly in. The kitchen of being in the wild… learning where and how everything comes from before it hits your table. The small, yet absolutely huge piece that we take advantage of when we eat our food every day/night. I love that I get to teach my kids these things… teach them about the insides of a crab. How to take it all a part and make it delicious. And although I won’t be doing this with any other animal… it’s fun to do with this delicious saltwater creature in my kitchen. Enjoy.

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